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    Rules & Regulations  :
  This building is offered for social & religious funtions. Our first duty is to maintain the holiness.
  Cleanliness of the building should be maintained as much as possible. Occupants should make the hall rooms clean at the time of vacating the same.
  Don't spit here and there. Spittoon should be used.
  Don't put nail at the wall of the hall. Incase if anyone try to put it, he will be penaliged and amount of penalty will be decided by the party
  Gambling, drinking alcohol strictly prohibited within the hall premises and to maintain this rule it is the responsibility of that person who applied for reservation
  Do not waste light and water when these are not in use. Please put off its switch when not required.
  Loudspeaker will not be allowed outside the hall
  Lightning of the oven by wood or coal is strictly prohibited
  Check out time of the building is limited from 6 am to next day 6 am
  It's reservation booking is made only for wedding / cultural or social religious functions
  Security money for booking is Rs. ________________ and if there is no loss or damage money will be return back to the party.
  10% of contract value shall be deposit against advance and security deposit and the same will not be refunded in case of cancellation of programme by the party
  Invitee / Visitor's are responsible to look after there own vehicle. For any insidence hall authority will not be liable.
  Fire Cracker strictly prohibited in front of the Hall
  For reservation booking of the hall full amount should be deposited in advance at the rate scheduled. ( Click here for details )